I’ve never been one for selfies in my personal life. I know what I look like; that’s why the mirror was invented! Instead I’d much rather take photos of places of interest whether it be abroad or in this country. I like to take photos of my friends too and my animals but I have never understood the need to take constant photos of oneself.

However, in my work life this is completely different. I have to take photos of myself in order to get any work. But there are only so many pictures I can take from limited angles.
That’s why I thought I would get a selfie stick. It’s almost as good as having someone else take the photo for you. I’m very lucky that I do have someone to take photos for me whenever I see him, but I don’t want to constantly rely on another person to do this.

So after having bought one a few months ago I finally got round to using it last week. The photos were good so I uploaded a few and I’ll take some more when I next have the chance so watch this space!

The Power of the Full Moon

I’ve never been one for superstition, astrology and suchlike, but one thing I do believe in is the power of the full Moon.

The Moon controls the tides of the Earth so it controls the water on the Earth. If you think about it human beings are made up of mostly water, something like 70%. So it makes sense that if the Moon has such control over the water here on Earth it must have some influence over us.

I’m not saying people turn into werewolfs on every full Moon, but I am aware of studies carried out that do seem to prove that the full Moon affects us in ways that can only be described as strange!

Murders and violent crime go up around the full Moon as does psychotic behaviour. It would seem the Moon influences our moods as well as women’s menstrual cycles!

And I certainly notice the power of the full Moon in this job. Whenever I get an influx of timewasters and weirdos it always seems to be around the full Moon. I’d even go as far as saying there are people who I only hear from on a full Moon!

Strange or what?!

Thankfully, this month’s full Moon has already happened

Banging Bank Holiday!

After a very busy April – so busy I didn’t have chance to post here – I am finally having a bit more of a rest this bank holiday.

Last month was manic. I couldn’t work for the best part of a week due to my home improvements being carried out. I managed to do a three hour incall with one of my regulars and an hour’s outcall with someone whom I had seen twice before.

But still despite all this, I actually managed to get over my usual number of bookings that month, so it was happy days indeed. Plus, I made a start on my tax return … something I dread doing every year!

I reckon faffing about with tax is the worst thing about being self employed. Well, it is for me anyway. My accountant likes me to send it all back to him by the beginning of June, so it really is quite a rush to make sure I’ve done it all right and not missed anything out.

Apart from the silly calls and texts I get on Bank holidays I still really like working them. It gives me an excuse to chill out and not do much else. I treat them like a day off but if I’m in and free to answer my phone I will do and I got an hour’s booking this morning with a lovely guy which was much fun indeed.

And now I think I shall take my dog out for walkies and come back and watch something on Netflix.

I hope you’re having a nice, chilled out Bank holiday doing whatever it is you like doing. In fact, I may post on here again soon to make up for missing last month.

Ta ta for now x

Home Improvements and New Shoes

This year marks the fourth year I’ve had my incall premises and apart from some minor decorating I’ve hardly touched the place. Nothing needed doing when I got it, but now I’m seeing areas where improvement needs to be done.

So, it was part of my new year’s resolution to revamp the place and work will be commencing in April. It will only take a few days thank God as I will be unable to work while the renovation is in progress.

I’m very excited about it to be honest as I’m sure the place will look a lot better for it. I’ve always been house proud and whatever else is going on my house will always be clean and tidy.

After the interior work is complete I’m going to start work on the outside of the house. The walls and gate need painting and who knows if I have time and the money I might do the back of the house as well. But the weather will have to be on my side for that to happen, so fingers crossed we have another fine and dry summer like last year.

This week in-between working I must take some photos of two new pairs of shoes I’ve just bought. I rarely wear sky high heels, but I thought I would treat myself to some so I’ve just bought a patent leather pair and a brown suede pair. I hope they fit okay, but I’m sure I’ll be able to wear them even if it is only for work.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s that time of year again if you’re coupled up you’ll be spending your pennies on flowers, chocolates, aftershaves and perfumes, sexy undies and bras. I, on the otherhand, don’t have to worry about those things because I get these gifts all year round!

Some of my lovely regs bring me chocolates, cake and flowers every time I see them, so I have to be careful not to scoff them all at once otherwise I’ll be popping out of my PVC skirt!

I’m going to make the most of today by catching up on admin, emails and taking some more photos of my tools and toys! Although I have always been able to work Valentine’s Day in the past my phone is always deathly quiet on the day itself, so I’m not expecting this year to be any different.

On that note may you all have a lovely day.

Pushy Salesman!

I hate being disturbed when I’m working by people knocking on my front door. If it’s a delivery then fair enough as I will be expecting them. But to limit uneccessary idiot salesmen I have a bold black and yellow notice at eye level warning cold callers against knocking. I’m not talking about the blue and red signs that everyone seems to ignore – oh no, this is a yellow and black sign, kind of like a wasp ready to sting should anyone ignore the warning.

I’ve had the sign now for over a year and it has worked perfectly! Before I used to get cold callers several times a week, often one every day and that’s just ridiculous if not bordering on harrassment!

But it was only a matter of time before I got one smart arse who thought the warning didn’t apply to him. I heard the faint, barely there knock before my dog started barking, so perhaps he was considering scuttling back down the path after all. But before he could move an inch I opened the door, dog under arm.

He didn’t start his speech off well when he asked for the owner of the property and then saying sorry love when I told him it was me. I hate being called love. If he’d said sorry Mistress then may be it wouldn’t have been so bad, but hey ho, he wasn’t to know that!

So he started to push his sale on me in the form of a smart meter. I promptly told him I don’t want one and he asked if there was any particular reason why. My main reason is the hassle that comes with getting one fitted and everyone who I know who has got one all say they seem to be paying more. He started to argue with me then, so I told him again I won’t be having one and shut the door in his face.

That will teach him! I don’t stand for boundary pushers in my work life, so I certainly won’t stand for them in my normal life.


Happy 2019!

Well, I’ve had this website just over a year now and the time has flown by. I’ve so many bookings from people who have wanted mild domination, to be my sissy slut and slave and even bookings from people into the more severe side of BDSM.

I’ve also acquired a lot of new equipment from canes and whips to bondage toys. And even though I don’t have a ‘proper’ dungeon, people say it doesn’t really matter as they can have just as much fun without one when they come to see me.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to take more photos of my new toys and to have them on display on my website for all you lovely subs to have a look at. I will start with the photos very soon.

Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Mistress Phoebe