My Bed Has Lost it’s Virginity!

So as well as getting my house back to how I want it last month, I also christened my new bed last week.

I ordered the bed back in February and ironically it was delivered on Valentine’s Day. The bed it was replacing was an old thing with no headboard and holes in the fabric divan base which the cat had so kindly clawed. It looked a real state and I was desperate to get rid before my room had it’s makeover. And my new bed was so worth the wait!

It’s so comfortable without being too soft or too hard. As Goldilocks would say it’s just right! It’s a little higher than my last one and the headboard prevents my newly decorated walls from being marked, so it’s just perfect.

But I never thought I would end up christening it so fast!

As a single lady, I wasn’t planning on doing anything of the sort anytime soon. I don’t have many opportunities … or rather I do if I wanted them (of course I have opportunities, I’m single!!!), it’s just being bothered enough to actually want to do it!

But the man in question I have known for a while and was the perfect candidate for such an opportunity. With such a sexy body … a body to die for, I couldn’t wait to pounce on him in my own boudoir if the opportunity ever arose.

The sex was hot and sensual and absolutely heavenly. I hope he enjoyed it as much as me! And I think he did.


February is Here at Last!

As most of my regulars know I am having my house revamped at the end of the month and I cannot wait to say the least. I decided to wait until February because this month is usually the quietest month of the year, but looking through my diary this morning the past February’s don’t seem that much quieter!

But I have to do work on my house at some point and seeing as I haven’t had a holiday or much time off since starting this job four years ago, I thought this month in this year was as good a time as any. And I don’t think I can say just how much I’m looking forward to getting my house back to how I want it either.

This month is not all about decorating though – I have other things to look forward to as well. I’m off to see one of my favourite bands in Manchester and I have other social events on my calendar, so at least I’ll be kept busy with those if I’m not busy with work.





It’s Saturday Night … Time To Go Out!

I never go out into town, despite living nearby. My days of going out clubbing are long gone. In fact, I stopped going out when I was twenty!

I hardly ever drink, so going out clubbing to get legless has never appealed. Plus, there are loads of drunk men who think it’s cool to vomit down a gutter. Yeah, classy.

The closest I got to town was a Christmas party last month … but in the end I didn’t dare venture of out the hotel! It’s just not my thing at all. Anyway, people are horrible these days, so I’d rather just stay in with my furry animals. I love socialising with my friends and going out with them, but going out to a place full of random strangers … no thank you!

Unless … unless a good live band in a pub are playing. Then I might be tempted to go out, even on my own.

So, I’m heading out tonight in the wind and the rain to such an event. Let’s hope I don’t regret it!

Dreaming about Clients

When I first started this job four years ago … exactly four years ago might I add, (happy 4th anniversary to me), I didn’t give much thought to what would happen in my dreams at night. I didn’t think I would dream that much to be honest. In my late twenties, I never dreamt at all hardly. But while I’ve been in this job I can’t seem to stop dreaming!

The first dream I had turned out to be recurring and it would always involve the same client who at the time I saw every week. I saw him every week for about a year but this dream was never that pleasant because I was always going to get caught by my parents. And for some unknown reason I was always working in their house, so it was just a matter of time before they found out. But I would always without fail wake up before I got caught. Phew.

There are some clients I never dream about, but since that recurring dream I’ve had several dreams involving my regulars. There are some people who I see quite often and then for whatever reason a long time passes before I see them again. And it’s usually during this time I will dream about them. But there are other regulars who I’ll dream about while still seeing them regularly. The other night I had a dream about a client who I’ve known ever since the beginning and I dreamt he’d just bought a house, but it was Alice in Wonderland’s house!

I also had a dream about meeting a client’s mother in a garden centre while having afternoon tea with him. I’ve known this particular client for just over a year and this is the first time I’ve ever dreamt about him.

But out of all the dreams I have I never seem to dream about what goes on in bookings. Except for a dream that I had recently which I will tell that client all about when I next see him!

My Favourite Clients … continued

Last month I posted about Mr. Diamond and this month I am posting about Mr. Generous.

I’ve known Mr. Generous since September last year. The first few bookings ran just like most other bookings, but it wasn’t long before Mr. Generous showed me just how generous he really was.

I think, from memory, it started with Costa coffee takeouts because the times I had made him coffee he didn’t finish them. So since then he has always brought me coffee and I always have a latte. Then he started to bring me chocolates and asked me what my favourite kind was. I gave him a few options. Then after I had received enough chocolate to make Willy Wonka look feeble, I asked about cake for a change.

So now he brings me coffee and cakes every time he sees me as well as a substantial tip. And in September the one year anniversay since he first came to see me he spent his booking doing DIY jobs as well as paying for it!

I really am so lucky to have the clients I do.

My Favourite Clients

I love my favourite clients. They’re obviously mostly regulars but it does vary how many times they come back to see me. For some it’s every other week, others come back once a month and some visit several times a year. But I do have quite a few regulars and I am thankful for that. I often find bookings run more smoothly because I already have an idea what they like. Sometimes there are a few surprises as I do have some that like to try out new things and it’s always fun to experiment, but mostly these clients want the same sort of thing in their booking. But whatever it is they want I am always happy to provide it if it’s something I’m happy to do.

My client this morning I have known for several years (you know who you are if you’re reading this as you’ve said you read my posts 😉) and he’s an absolute diamond of a man. Always so polite and respectful, very clean and well mannered, and maybe most importantly does not try to push any of my boundaries. He’s also a great laugh which is a fantastic bonus too and I always enjoy our bookings and look forward to seeing him.

Of course, I always look for people I want to see again and Mr. Diamond is a prime example of a client who has these important qualities. You can be sure you’ll be welcome if you display the same sort of attributes.

Autumn – My Favourite Time of the Year

I love this time of year so much. I’m not keen on the summer as I will tell most people who see me. The endless stickiness, pollen counts and the late nights that are spent uncomfortable in bed trying to sleep but you can’t because it’s just too hot!

I also find there are more timewasters during the summer months. Probably the same people who drive around with music blaring and no top on. Or those who swagger down the street with a can of lager in their hand also topless wearing sunglasses. Not the sort of people I wish to meet anyway.

I find the cool, crisp mornings during this season so refreshing and it’s so much easier to sleep. There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up underneath a blanket when it’s cold and have the heating on. I think it’s so much easier to warm up when you’re cold than cool down when it’s hot.

I think my dog also prefers this time of year as well with her thick coat. She doesn’t have to pant so much to cool down.

The only thing I don’t like about this time of year is the amount of spiders it brings! I’ve had to shift two enormous house spiders so far. The first one that ran across my bedroom floor while I was in bed and the second one was found in the living room by the cat. Hopefully I won’t see any more of them now. I only shifted two of them last year within a week of each other and funnily enough both were in the same place.



Although I’m close to the sea I’ve never been in it … it is Blackpool, not the Bahamas, and if swimming I’ve always preferred a safe pool.

A few weeks back we had scorching weather and I thought how nice it would be to go for a swim to cool down instead of pounding the treadmill at the gym.

Living in Blackpool there are a few places with adequate leisure facilities, so I thought why not go and make the most of it being on my doorstep.

I can’t say how nice it is to go for a swim whenever I want and it makes a nice change considering I’ve not been in any pool for over four years. I’ve no idea why I didn’t go for so long but I am making up for it now. I’ve even bought a new swimming costume to replace my old tattered Speedo one.

I can even stand up for the whole length of the pool which is another bonus as so many have a deep end which I’ve no hope of touching the bottom. So I’m safe in the knowledge that if I ever get cramp I’m unlikely to drown!



I’ve never been one for selfies in my personal life. I know what I look like; that’s why the mirror was invented! Instead I’d much rather take photos of places of interest whether it be abroad or in this country. I like to take photos of my friends too and my animals but I have never understood the need to take constant photos of oneself.

However, in my work life this is completely different. I have to take photos of myself in order to get any work. But there are only so many pictures I can take from limited angles.
That’s why I thought I would get a selfie stick. It’s almost as good as having someone else take the photo for you. I’m very lucky that I do have someone to take photos for me whenever I see him, but I don’t want to constantly rely on another person to do this.

So after having bought one a few months ago I finally got round to using it last week. The photos were good so I uploaded a few and I’ll take some more when I next have the chance so watch this space!

The Power of the Full Moon

I’ve never been one for superstition, astrology and suchlike, but one thing I do believe in is the power of the full Moon.

The Moon controls the tides of the Earth so it controls the water on the Earth. If you think about it human beings are made up of mostly water, something like 70%. So it makes sense that if the Moon has such control over the water here on Earth it must have some influence over us.

I’m not saying people turn into werewolfs on every full Moon, but I am aware of studies carried out that do seem to prove that the full Moon affects us in ways that can only be described as strange!

Murders and violent crime go up around the full Moon as does psychotic behaviour. It would seem the Moon influences our moods as well as women’s menstrual cycles!

And I certainly notice the power of the full Moon in this job. Whenever I get an influx of timewasters and weirdos it always seems to be around the full Moon. I’d even go as far as saying there are people who I only hear from on a full Moon!

Strange or what?!

Thankfully, this month’s full Moon has already happened