Man One, Two and Three!

Last month I blogged about my ‘Love Rectangle,’ and how I couldn’t make my mind up about which of these three guys I liked more. I haven’t seen anything of man one and two since, as usual. Man two seems to have frightened himself off again and the only thing man one is consistent about is his excuses why he can’t come and see me.

But man three continues to be the most reliable, not that he has much competition seeing as man one and two always let me down. But there’s more to man three than meets the eye and I am really starting to like him (never a good sign for me!).

Man three is dependable, reliable (hope I’m not jinxing things here) and nice to talk to. We also have the most in common. He doesn’t smoke or drink and also doesn’t have kids, another huge bonus in my eyes!

I just hope he likes me as much as I’m starting to like him …

A Love Rectangle, Not a Triangle

Well, I have to say I am in something of a love rectangle at the moment. The popular term is love triangle when there are three people involved, but I seem to have acquired three men who express an interest.

I have been single for years and years and years too, sometimes not always by choice, either. And now it’s as if the Universe has suddenly got the memo that maybe, just maybe, I would like to be with someone.

The trouble is, however, no matter how nice it would be I just can’t simply go out with all three of them. It would seem they’re like buses: not one for ages and then three turn up all at once.

The first guy I have known for years and I started seeing him January.
The second is one of my neighbours who I asked out eighteen months ago, but nothing ever came of it until we kissed last summer and then still nothing else happened. And the third one I have known for only nine months and we met through a mutual hobby.

Man one and man two, though, I never know where I am with them. Man two has the better reason for saying one thing and then doing another and that’s because I went after him last year. Man one came after me and has since backed off, this I find particularly hurtful seeing as I have done the most for him. And man three has just shown he is reliable with his words matching up to his actions.

I can’t ever seeing it working out with man one and two as I never know where I am with them. But hopefully, just hopefully, man number three will get lucky …

Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch

I had an hour’s booking this week with a lovely man who in response to the question I ask of everyone when they leave: Have you got everything? He replies with yes, spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

I burst out laughing. I’ve never heard of this expression before and obviously never watched the film it was used in. At the time, I was unaware of the film link; I just thought my client had made it up himself.

It was only when I mentioned it to one of my regulars yesterday he mentioned the film. I think I might watch it later on when I have some time. Like tonight, I was supposed to be going on a date but they cancelled with two hours notice. I’m not actually that bothered as I am supposed to be seeing someone else, but I use that term very loosely as I’ve not seen him for months, either.

And I wonder why I still think of myself as single. (Biggest eye roll coming on).

As Alice Deejay sang: Do You Think You’re Better off Alone?

Yeah, I certainly do.

False Eyelashes

Well, I have always loved the natural look, but I didn’t realise how hard it is to perfect. I envy women who can get false eyelashes to stick right onto their lash line. For me, I somehow manage to stick mine half way up my eyelid or even close to my eyebrows!

I bought some ‘natural’ looking lashes at the start of the year. It was a struggle to apply them at first, but after a while it got a little easier. And to the hide the gap between my lashline and the band of my false eyelash, I blended some eyeliner to my eyelid. Perfect, well almost.

I did have eyelash extentions a couple of years ago, but as the pandemic hit there was no one to see them. And they left me with dirty feeling eyes, like I couldn’t clean around them properly. Every time I blinked it hurt, too. So I thought if I wanted the natural but dramatic look, I’d invest in the lashes which I could take off myself each day.

Every time I wear these lashes, I get complimented so they musn’t look too bad. I always thought I’d end up looking like a drag queen with falsies, but so far so good.

My New Blog

Just a quick one today to say that I’ve got a new website. I’ve been thinking of getting things updated for a while now and this website was down for at least a week earlier this month, so that was the final thing that made me getting my act together.

Please take a look. Thank you 😊

UK Online Safety Bill – Please Sign Petition

In summary, you will be legally required to validate and verify every viewer/visitor of your content is over 18 years of age if they are UK based. You can use 3rd party services, which are being setup, but at a cost of circa 50p each time a check is performed. How will you cover this cost? Have you got the skills to setup these checks into your websites? Your content will therefore be limited to websites that can afford to comply, which thus limits your audiences.

The vast majority of the industry and services you use today, WILL disappear, mistress directories, community websites, even Twitter content will likely need to be removed to comply.

We have been talking to other mistress directories, to find solutions, to try and bypass or comply rules, however even if we pooled all our skills and revenues together, there is no way that any of us could continue beyond this year providing services in the UK.

Therefore the industry needs to wake up and fight back! I can only urge you all, if you have Twitter, your own websites or any way to get the news to your followers, UK citizen needs to sign the following!’

Belated Happy Easter 🐣🐇

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. I had no rampant rabbits, but plenty of chocolate! In fact, I had so much chocolate I’ll probably be eating it well into next month, too.

But one thing I’ve yet to experience is the rampant rabbit. I’ve never been into sex toys for use on myself. They might be fun, but I’ve always thought the real thing is better and as a dominatrix, I can always make my sub do far more things for me than the rabbit of any description can possibly do.

I’ve never found this so called G spot, either, so penetration is a bit of an anti-climax, pardon the pun. But one thing I do like very much is oral. So as long as I have enough of that I’m a very happy bunny indeed!

Waxing … Ouch!

I have never waxed in all my life, but as I was bored the other day, I thought I’d order some wax strips and give it a go.

I ordered the Veet wax strips as they seemed less messy than heating up a pot of wax and doing it that way and I was certainly glad I made that decision. If I ordered a pot, I probably would have got it all over the place. But these strips were easy to use and it didn’t take as long as I thought.

But the pain! Oh my God. And it did nothing to excite me, either. Not that I was doing it for that reason and it didn’t sting afterwards which is something, I suppose. All the guys whom I whip say they leave my place with lovely tingling bottoms which I guess is very nice for them.

I must admit I felt a bit sticky afterwards, though, and not in a good way. I think I used about four strips from the pack and that was definitely enough wax for what I needed. The pack included special wipes to remove the remaining wax, but I still felt like they didn’t remove all of it.

But would I wax again? Absolutely. I just hope it’s a while before I need to.

March is the New February … Oh Dear!

Well, I was expecting a really quiet month last month, but surprisingly February turned out to be a good month. In all the six years I’ve been working, February is always the quietest month of the year.

So, over the last few years in February I’ve chosen to do the jobs around my house that have needed doing. But this year nothing needed doing, so I thought I may as well work it and I’m so very glad I did because March has been deader than a morgue!

I do have other incomes coming in so it’s not a total disaster, but this is definitely my most social job out of them all. If I didn’t do this then life would be much quieter. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind, but my social interactions would be limited.

Fortunately, I do have one project to be getting on with which hopefully won’t cost a lot to do, but I definitely will need some help with it. So it’s just a question of finding someone who can help me for free.

I am aware the cost of living is soaring for everyone, so maybe that’s why it’s quieter than usual. But all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and think positively.

I do have some advanced bookings this month, so again it’s not all doom and gloom.

Friends with Benefits … Really?!

I have this lovely, funny friend who I’ve known a while. We’ve gradually got to know one another and for months and months and months, I thought he was single.

But I found out last year he had an on off girlfriend of nearly ten years. He kept that quiet and I wondered why, although he’s never shown an interest in me that way.

And then last month, he told me he’d broken up with her. They’d had this massive row and he said he always feels like his feelings don’t matter. And boy, can I sympathise there! In most of my relationships, I’ve felt that way a lot.

A couple of weeks passed and we messaged each other like usual. And then he pops that question … the question that a lot of men must ask their female friends. He apologised straight away after and I told him not to worry.

But bless him. He has no idea why this idea doesn’t appeal to me. He’s about twenty years too late!