False Eyelashes

Well, I have always loved the natural look, but I didn’t realise how hard it is to perfect. I envy women who can get false eyelashes to stick right onto their lash line. For me, I somehow manage to stick mine half way up my eyelid or even close to my eyebrows!

I bought some ‘natural’ looking lashes at the start of the year. It was a struggle to apply them at first, but after a while it got a little easier. And to the hide the gap between my lashline and the band of my false eyelash, I blended some eyeliner to my eyelid. Perfect, well almost.

I did have eyelash extentions a couple of years ago, but as the pandemic hit there was no one to see them. And they left me with dirty feeling eyes, like I couldn’t clean around them properly. Every time I blinked it hurt, too. So I thought if I wanted the natural but dramatic look, I’d invest in the lashes which I could take off myself each day.

Every time I wear these lashes, I get complimented so they musn’t look too bad. I always thought I’d end up looking like a drag queen with falsies, but so far so good.

My New Blog

Just a quick one today to say that I’ve got a new website. I’ve been thinking of getting things updated for a while now and this website was down for at least a week earlier this month, so that was the final thing that made me getting my act together.


Please take a look. Thank you 😊