UK Online Safety Bill – Please Sign Petition

In summary, you will be legally required to validate and verify every viewer/visitor of your content is over 18 years of age if they are UK based. You can use 3rd party services, which are being setup, but at a cost of circa 50p each time a check is performed. How will you cover this cost? Have you got the skills to setup these checks into your websites? Your content will therefore be limited to websites that can afford to comply, which thus limits your audiences.

The vast majority of the industry and services you use today, WILL disappear, mistress directories, community websites, even Twitter content will likely need to be removed to comply.

We have been talking to other mistress directories, to find solutions, to try and bypass or comply rules, however even if we pooled all our skills and revenues together, there is no way that any of us could continue beyond this year providing services in the UK.

Therefore the industry needs to wake up and fight back! I can only urge you all, if you have Twitter, your own websites or any way to get the news to your followers, UK citizen needs to sign the following!’