Waxing … Ouch!

I have never waxed in all my life, but as I was bored the other day, I thought I’d order some wax strips and give it a go.

I ordered the Veet wax strips as they seemed less messy than heating up a pot of wax and doing it that way and I was certainly glad I made that decision. If I ordered a pot, I probably would have got it all over the place. But these strips were easy to use and it didn’t take as long as I thought.

But the pain! Oh my God. And it did nothing to excite me, either. Not that I was doing it for that reason and it didn’t sting afterwards which is something, I suppose. All the guys whom I whip say they leave my place with lovely tingling bottoms which I guess is very nice for them.

I must admit I felt a bit sticky afterwards, though, and not in a good way. I think I used about four strips from the pack and that was definitely enough wax for what I needed. The pack included special wipes to remove the remaining wax, but I still felt like they didn’t remove all of it.

But would I wax again? Absolutely. I just hope it’s a while before I need to.