Waxing … Ouch!

I have never waxed in all my life, but as I was bored the other day, I thought I’d order some wax strips and give it a go.

I ordered the Veet wax strips as they seemed less messy than heating up a pot of wax and doing it that way and I was certainly glad I made that decision. If I ordered a pot, I probably would have got it all over the place. But these strips were easy to use and it didn’t take as long as I thought.

But the pain! Oh my God. And it did nothing to excite me, either. Not that I was doing it for that reason and it didn’t sting afterwards which is something, I suppose. All the guys whom I whip say they leave my place with lovely tingling bottoms which I guess is very nice for them.

I must admit I felt a bit sticky afterwards, though, and not in a good way. I think I used about four strips from the pack and that was definitely enough wax for what I needed. The pack included special wipes to remove the remaining wax, but I still felt like they didn’t remove all of it.

But would I wax again? Absolutely. I just hope it’s a while before I need to.

March is the New February … Oh Dear!

Well, I was expecting a really quiet month last month, but surprisingly February turned out to be a good month. In all the six years I’ve been working, February is always the quietest month of the year.

So, over the last few years in February I’ve chosen to do the jobs around my house that have needed doing. But this year nothing needed doing, so I thought I may as well work it and I’m so very glad I did because March has been deader than a morgue!

I do have other incomes coming in so it’s not a total disaster, but this is definitely my most social job out of them all. If I didn’t do this then life would be much quieter. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind, but my social interactions would be limited.

Fortunately, I do have one project to be getting on with which hopefully won’t cost a lot to do, but I definitely will need some help with it. So it’s just a question of finding someone who can help me for free.

I am aware the cost of living is soaring for everyone, so maybe that’s why it’s quieter than usual. But all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and think positively.

I do have some advanced bookings this month, so again it’s not all doom and gloom.