Friends with Benefits … Really?!

I have this lovely, funny friend who I’ve known a while. We’ve gradually got to know one another and for months and months and months, I thought he was single.

But I found out last year he had an on off girlfriend of nearly ten years. He kept that quiet and I wondered why, although he’s never shown an interest in me that way.

And then last month, he told me he’d broken up with her. They’d had this massive row and he said he always feels like his feelings don’t matter. And boy, can I sympathise there! In most of my relationships, I’ve felt that way a lot.

A couple of weeks passed and we messaged each other like usual. And then he pops that question … the question that a lot of men must ask their female friends. He apologised straight away after and I told him not to worry.

But bless him. He has no idea why this idea doesn’t appeal to me. He’s about twenty years too late!