My Date With Mr. Arse

Yes, you read the title right. I had the misfortune of meeting a man last month whom I ended up on a date with. (What was I thinking?!)

The night I met him started out innocently enough. I wasn’t going out looking for a man to date; it just sort of happened! I only met him briefly as well before he gave me his number and I didn’t think too much of it. But he seemed nice enough, so I made the mistake of texting him. I only expected a reply out of politeness to be honest, but I began to think something more when he texted me non stop for five hours.

I didn’t hear from him at all then that weekend, but after all those texts I wasn’t disappointed; I was certain I’d hear from him again. And sure enough we arranged to go out for a ‘proper’ date the following weekend.

I admit I was flattered. He seemed nice enough and was very charming in his texts leading up to our date. But that should have been a HUGE RED FLAG. The charm! He insisted he wanted to get to know me before things went any further and I had no reason to disbelieve him.

The date itself was okay. He may have moaned a bit too much about his ex for a first date, but that was nothing major. However, I did think it strange that all the women in his life he claimed were narcissists … another red flag, perhaps. Especially as narcissism is a male dominated trait. Psychologists says it’s as high as 80/20!

Anyway, the date went okay. He was polite and gentlemanly with somewhat tightly closed body language. I picked up on this straight away to be fair. I was relaxed with open body language, so I thought he may have copied me. But no.

I gave him a hug and a kiss when I left but when I got home his demeanor somewhat changed. He kept saying he thought I wasn’t interested in him because I made no mention of sleeping with him …


I was baffled by what he initially said to me. And no man who I’ve ever been on a first date with before has said that. What a ridiculous thing to say!

Anyway, as the week progressed so did his attitude. Gone was the speech of ‘getting to know me’, this man just wanted sex … for free, shock horror! If he was going to treat me like a prostitute then at least pay me!

You’d be forgiven if you think this man was 20 with hormones raging. But all the men in their 20’s whom I have ever met have all been far more respectful than this. This man is eleven years older than me and I’m in my 30’s.

So once he realised I wasn’t going to sleep with him he said delete me and move on. I think that was the best thing he’s ever said to be fair.

And yes, he really is called Mr. Arse. Or arse is another name for his surname. That’s as far as I can go in naming and shaming him. Pity really as the next lady who he manages to snare may not be as lucky as me.