When You Get Too Attached …

… To your work shoes!!!

I’ve had these shoes for the full six years of my career and they are by far the best pair of smart shoes I’ve ever had. I bought them especially for this job from a retail outlet store and everything about them is just perfect. They have the right heel size, the right colour and a nice style about them.

I love them so much that it’s been a real struggle to buy new ones. I will still wear my old ones for certain bookings as I can never throw them out. Even when they’re battered and bruised which I admit is still a long way off, I still want to keep them. Maybe I should buy a little glass cabinet for them and store them like a delicate antique on a velvet cushion.

These shoes have so many memories attached to them. From the good, the bad, the ugly to the absolute hilarious times I’ve had whilst wearing them. And the good times certainly outweigh the bad which is the most important thing.

If these shoes could talk they’d write a bestseller I’m sure!