A Miscellaneous Post

Well, instead of focusing just on one topic, I thought I’d talk about a few different things for this month’s blog.

I’ve finally managed to get my tax return sorted for last year. I usually start it in May, but this year I don’t think I started it until June. I knew my accountant was busy sorting out all the grants this year, so I thought I’d be lazy and procrastinate.

And last week, I spent a small fortune organising social events for next year. I think I’ve gone a bit overboard as I’ve not been able to do much for nearly two years, so I’m making up for it.

I had a funny moment with my postman the other week, too. I had missed a parcel, so I’d scheduled a re-delivery. Then I had to change the date of a two hour booking with a lovely man, so my parcel was now arriving that same day. I could only hope my postie would come early, but needless to say he didn’t and he ended up banging on the front door in the middle of the booking. Talk about bad timing!

I also can’t decide on my hair colour and style at the moment. I’ve been a few different colours over the years, but I’ve been my current colour the longest. I think it suits me more than my natural colour to be honest.

Well, fingers crossed we have an okay winter with the virus and the weather. Much love to all my regulars and new people who have come to see me this year.