Mystery Man

I’ve known this man for around five years, or should I say I know of him. I’ve always thought he was nice but as he wore a wedding ring, I thought nothing more if it.

Until the start of the year when I heard he’d split from his wife. I knew I had nothing to lose if I asked him out on a casual basis (I think it was on a casual basis, that’s how I wanted it to come across!) And he said yes, quite enthusiastically.

Nothing came of his answer though, so I thought nothing more of it. And then I bumped into him again a month later and he said he was still going to come round. You’d be forgiven if you thought I had brought it up again, but I did no such thing. By now, I thought he’d given a pretty clear indication of what his intentions were, so I didn’t think there was much point of going over old ground again.

I did however text him the following week to try and arrange a date, so he said he could come round one night after work or on the weekend if I was free. Again, keeping it casual I said that’s fine just let me know.

And as predicted I never heard from him again.

So never being one to chase I’ve managed to avoid him for the best part of four months. Which has been quite difficult considering he lives near me. But mercifully he doesn’t seem to be aware of his surroundings half the time and on several occasions I’ve walked past him and he’s been oblivious. So much so I’ve thought he’s been trying to avoid me as well.

Until last week he walked past me in town and said hello. We had a ten minute chat and then he sent me a random text to say it was nice to see me. And then whilst out watching the football with friends I saw him again and we kissed. Quite a bit.

He says to his friends he doesn’t want a relationship and that’s fine by me! I just have to find a way of telling him that.