When Good Neighbours Become Good Friends

Ever since lockdown began, I seem to have had more conversations with my neighbours. Despite living where I live for a considerable length of time, I think I’ve spoken to my neighbours more during the past four months than I have ever done. This might not have been the case if we had months of rain, but we had wall to wall sunshine for the most part and more people were off work and outside, cycling, dog walking and sunbathing in their gardens.

I think it’s funny how you can live so close to people and never know they are there. I would not know some people in my neighbourhood if I fell over them and yet I see other neighbours every single day. I suppose it really depends on people’s routines and what time they’re out and about whether or not I see them.

One such example is someone I’ve lived very near to for over a year now and yet never seen until the other month. I didn’t have a clue they lived so close to me until I literally bumped into them. And ever since then I’ve gradually got to know them bit by bit. We say hello every time we pass in the street and without sounding too stalkerish, I’ve become more aware of their movements since lockdown began. They work pretty long hours normally, so no wonder I’ve not seen them until now. But with a lot of people on furlough, I suppose it’s given them a chance to become more sociable.