May Madness

As everyone will know these past few months have been crazy and something few could have predicted. I’ve been unable to do much work because of this and so I’ve had to find other things to do.

The weather has also been weird. I’ve never known so much wall to wall sunshine over this length of time, so brilliant for getting out and about with my dog. Obviously, I’ve had to do all my exercise alone, so my dog has been great company.

I’ve also never seen so many cyclists either and half of them think they’re on Tour de France. It’s madness and so inconsiderate for them to go so fast when Blackpool prom is packed with so many other people. I’ve tried to stay away from there as much as possible. Last thing I want is to collide with someone or for my dog to be injured.

I’ve also never seen as many seagulls as I have recently. It’s nesting season now, so there’s one on every chimney. Fortunately they don’t dive bomb me as much as they do with other people, but I just wish they weren’t as noisy with wakeup calls at 6am.

I’ve also been watching artists getting creative on You Tube. I find it so relaxing and uplifting to watch. I’m not into films or Netflix – I much prefer watching documentaries on Amazon Prime.

I hope everyone is well both physically and mentally and I hope things get back to normal very soon!