Wish I Could Contact My Married Regulars

These past few weeks have been insane. At first, I thought things were going to blow over, but the more I thought that the more serious things became.

When it first started most people said to me they were sure my job would be fine. One even joked that the state were hardly going to lock people up.

Ha, ha, ha! Funny, not funny.

But this is probably going to be the only time I’m so thankful that I’ve been so honest with the taxman and declared everything. Although help is not coming until June, at least what I will get will be a reflection of what I’ve earned and not what I’ve hidden under the floorboards!

I’m also grateful I got a lot done before the country went crazy. I managed to re-decorate my house, get a new bed and go to several live events which would no way be taking place now. As it happens, I had nothing planned until September where I would be taking a little holiday down south to see my favourite ever band. And although I have everything crossed that will still happen, I just feel relieved as things could be worse.

But the worst thing about all this is not being able to contact my married regulars. Unlike my single regulars who I know I can contact at any time should I have to, it’s my married regulars I want to text just to say hello and I hope things are okay. But I can’t send a text or whatever because I don’t know what they’re doing or who they are with.

I’ve only sent an unsolicited text once to a married regular and that was because I was almost certain it was his day off and he would be alone. (Hello you, how you doing? I know you read my blogs). But it turned out that he was working that day and was probably sat in a room full of people. (So sorry!!!). So that is exactly the reason I don’t send unsolicited texts!

So if this regular or any of my other married regulars want to contact me during these weird times then please feel free to do so. You will more than likely cheer me up!