My Bed Has Lost it’s Virginity!

So as well as getting my house back to how I want it last month, I also christened my new bed last week.

I ordered the bed back in February and ironically it was delivered on Valentine’s Day. The bed it was replacing was an old thing with no headboard and holes in the fabric divan base which the cat had so kindly clawed. It looked a real state and I was desperate to get rid before my room had it’s makeover. And my new bed was so worth the wait!

It’s so comfortable without being too soft or too hard. As Goldilocks would say it’s just right! It’s a little higher than my last one and the headboard prevents my newly decorated walls from being marked, so it’s just perfect.

But I never thought I would end up christening it so fast!

As a single lady, I wasn’t planning on doing anything of the sort anytime soon. I don’t have many opportunities … or rather I do if I wanted them (of course I have opportunities, I’m single!!!), it’s just being bothered enough to actually want to do it!

But the man in question I have known for a while and was the perfect candidate for such an opportunity. With such a sexy body … a body to die for, I couldn’t wait to pounce on him in my own boudoir if the opportunity ever arose.

The sex was hot and sensual and absolutely heavenly. I hope he enjoyed it as much as me! And I think he did.