It’s Saturday Night … Time To Go Out!

I never go out into town, despite living nearby. My days of going out clubbing are long gone. In fact, I stopped going out when I was twenty!

I hardly ever drink, so going out clubbing to get legless has never appealed. Plus, there are loads of drunk men who think it’s cool to vomit down a gutter. Yeah, classy.

The closest I got to town was a Christmas party last month … but in the end I didn’t dare venture of out the hotel! It’s just not my thing at all. Anyway, people are horrible these days, so I’d rather just stay in with my furry animals. I love socialising with my friends and going out with them, but going out to a place full of random strangers … no thank you!

Unless … unless a good live band in a pub are playing. Then I might be tempted to go out, even on my own.

So, I’m heading out tonight in the wind and the rain to such an event. Let’s hope I don’t regret it!