My Favourite Clients … continued

Last month I posted about Mr. Diamond and this month I am posting about Mr. Generous.

I’ve known Mr. Generous since September last year. The first few bookings ran just like most other bookings, but it wasn’t long before Mr. Generous showed me just how generous he really was.

I think, from memory, it started with Costa coffee takeouts because the times I had made him coffee he didn’t finish them. So since then he has always brought me coffee and I always have a latte. Then he started to bring me chocolates and asked me what my favourite kind was. I gave him a few options. Then after I had received enough chocolate to make Willy Wonka look feeble, I asked about cake for a change.

So now he brings me coffee and cakes every time he sees me as well as a substantial tip. And in September the one year anniversay since he first came to see me he spent his booking doing DIY jobs as well as paying for it!

I really am so lucky to have the clients I do.