My Favourite Clients

I love my favourite clients. They’re obviously mostly regulars but it does vary how many times they come back to see me. For some it’s every other week, others come back once a month and some visit several times a year. But I do have quite a few regulars and I am thankful for that. I often find bookings run more smoothly because I already have an idea what they like. Sometimes there are a few surprises as I do have some that like to try out new things and it’s always fun to experiment, but mostly these clients want the same sort of thing in their booking. But whatever it is they want I am always happy to provide it if it’s something I’m happy to do.

My client this morning I have known for several years (you know who you are if you’re reading this as you’ve said you read my posts 😉) and he’s an absolute diamond of a man. Always so polite and respectful, very clean and well mannered, and maybe most importantly does not try to push any of my boundaries. He’s also a great laugh which is a fantastic bonus too and I always enjoy our bookings and look forward to seeing him.

Of course, I always look for people I want to see again and Mr. Diamond is a prime example of a client who has these important qualities. You can be sure you’ll be welcome if you display the same sort of attributes.