Although I’m close to the sea I’ve never been in it … it is Blackpool, not the Bahamas, and if swimming I’ve always preferred a safe pool.

A few weeks back we had scorching weather and I thought how nice it would be to go for a swim to cool down instead of pounding the treadmill at the gym.

Living in Blackpool there are a few places with adequate leisure facilities, so I thought why not go and make the most of it being on my doorstep.

I can’t say how nice it is to go for a swim whenever I want and it makes a nice change considering I’ve not been in any pool for over four years. I’ve no idea why I didn’t go for so long but I am making up for it now. I’ve even bought a new swimming costume to replace my old tattered Speedo one.

I can even stand up for the whole length of the pool which is another bonus as so many have a deep end which I’ve no hope of touching the bottom. So I’m safe in the knowledge that if I ever get cramp I’m unlikely to drown!