I’ve never been one for selfies in my personal life. I know what I look like; that’s why the mirror was invented! Instead I’d much rather take photos of places of interest whether it be abroad or in this country. I like to take photos of my friends too and my animals but I have never understood the need to take constant photos of oneself.

However, in my work life this is completely different. I have to take photos of myself in order to get any work. But there are only so many pictures I can take from limited angles.
That’s why I thought I would get a selfie stick. It’s almost as good as having someone else take the photo for you. I’m very lucky that I do have someone to take photos for me whenever I see him, but I don’t want to constantly rely on another person to do this.

So after having bought one a few months ago I finally got round to using it last week. The photos were good so I uploaded a few and I’ll take some more when I next have the chance so watch this space!