The Power of the Full Moon

I’ve never been one for superstition, astrology and suchlike, but one thing I do believe in is the power of the full Moon.

The Moon controls the tides of the Earth so it controls the water on the Earth. If you think about it human beings are made up of mostly water, something like 70%. So it makes sense that if the Moon has such control over the water here on Earth it must have some influence over us.

I’m not saying people turn into werewolfs on every full Moon, but I am aware of studies carried out that do seem to prove that the full Moon affects us in ways that can only be described as strange!

Murders and violent crime go up around the full Moon as does psychotic behaviour. It would seem the Moon influences our moods as well as women’s menstrual cycles!

And I certainly notice the power of the full Moon in this job. Whenever I get an influx of timewasters and weirdos it always seems to be around the full Moon. I’d even go as far as saying there are people who I only hear from on a full Moon!

Strange or what?!

Thankfully, this month’s full Moon has already happened