Banging Bank Holiday!

After a very busy April – so busy I didn’t have chance to post here – I am finally having a bit more of a rest this bank holiday.

Last month was manic. I couldn’t work for the best part of a week due to my home improvements being carried out. I managed to do a three hour incall with one of my regulars and an hour’s outcall with someone whom I had seen twice before.

But still despite all this, I actually managed to get over my usual number of bookings that month, so it was happy days indeed. Plus, I made a start on my tax return … something I dread doing every year!

I reckon faffing about with tax is the worst thing about being self employed. Well, it is for me anyway. My accountant likes me to send it all back to him by the beginning of June, so it really is quite a rush to make sure I’ve done it all right and not missed anything out.

Apart from the silly calls and texts I get on Bank holidays I still really like working them. It gives me an excuse to chill out and not do much else. I treat them like a day off but if I’m in and free to answer my phone I will do and I got an hour’s booking this morning with a lovely guy which was much fun indeed.

And now I think I shall take my dog out for walkies and come back and watch something on Netflix.

I hope you’re having a nice, chilled out Bank holiday doing whatever it is you like doing. In fact, I may post on here again soon to make up for missing last month.

Ta ta for now x