Home Improvements and New Shoes

This year marks the fourth year I’ve had my incall premises and apart from some minor decorating I’ve hardly touched the place. Nothing needed doing when I got it, but now I’m seeing areas where improvement needs to be done.

So, it was part of my new year’s resolution to revamp the place and work will be commencing in April. It will only take a few days thank God as I will be unable to work while the renovation is in progress.

I’m very excited about it to be honest as I’m sure the place will look a lot better for it. I’ve always been house proud and whatever else is going on my house will always be clean and tidy.

After the interior work is complete I’m going to start work on the outside of the house. The walls and gate need painting and who knows if I have time and the money I might do the back of the house as well. But the weather will have to be on my side for that to happen, so fingers crossed we have another fine and dry summer like last year.

This week in-between working I must take some photos of two new pairs of shoes I’ve just bought. I rarely wear sky high heels, but I thought I would treat myself to some so I’ve just bought a patent leather pair and a brown suede pair. I hope they fit okay, but I’m sure I’ll be able to wear them even if it is only for work.